Lark Street Business Improvement District

Working to sustain and enhance a unique and prosperous living and businesss community.

When started over 30 years ago as a not for profit entity held responsible to the City of Albany as The Lark Street Neighborhood District Management Association, For over 30 years, the Lark Street Business Improvement District (BID) has "grown-up" to become a successful and well non-profit human service agency, serving the merchants and neighbors on and around the "foot print" of Lark Street. Most notable is LarkFest held every September, Art on Lark held every June, Champagne in the Park held every Thursday before Mothers Day (TulipFest) and Winter WonderLark held in early December. The BID has a new office and address at 248 Lark Street. This new website design represents change for the good and a positive vibe to align with increased quality of life, improved police communication, ongoing neighborhood association joint dialogue and problem solving, as well as continuing street maintenance, providing support to new businesses and grand opening celebrations, participating in City task forces, linking merchants and neighbors to vital systems and resources, offering volunteer and intern opportunities, and being a part of the next phase of Albany's Revitilization efforts. Governed by 11 voted Board of Directors, and with a new seasoned and experienced Executive Director, The Mission of the Lark Street BID  remains stable and confident and unchanged: "The Lark Street BID is an independent not-for-profit organization that works to build, sustain, and enhance a unique and prosperous living and business community for the residents, visitors, and merchants of the Lark Street Neighborhood of Albany, New York. At the Lark Street BID, we provide core neighborhood services focused on Neighborhood safety, Street Maintenance, Marketing and Special Events and promotions."

Lark Street Business Improvement District (BID)


Lark Street is the vibrant heart of Albany, the Capital of New York State. Across 10 blocks of the District, many unique and exciting businesses line the street offering one of a kind experiences for residents and visitors alike. From shopping to dining to nightlife to the arts, Lark Street has it all for a Live-Work-Play lifestyle. Often called the "Village in the City", Lark Street often evokes the feeling of neighborhoods in New York City. Throughout the year, many events take place on Lark Street including Art on Lark, LarkFEST and Winter WonderLark. Lark Street is the place to be!  

  “It’s lofty talk when the Lark Street Business Improvement District calls Lark Street ‘a premiere destination for entertainment, culture and urban life in the Capital Region,’ but we think they’re actually being modest. Home of the two largest street festivals in upstate New York, Lark Street is the warm pulse within Albany’s black heart, the flower busting up through the concrete edifice of the Empire State, the white dove of . . . hell, you get it: We like it here.”   -Metroland, June 2010 


Albany Art Room: 457 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY (518) 427-3910

Alpro Antique & Lighting: 227 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 434-3363

Aurora Foundation: 295 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 320-8606

Bombers Burrito Bar: 258 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 463-9636

Capital Wine & Liquor: 348 State Street, Albany, NY (518) 689-0160

Central Art Supply: 292 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 426-3501

Daily Grind: 204 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 427-0464

Dino's Pizza: 420 Madison Avenue, Albany NY (518) 396-3300

Downtube Cycle Shop: 466 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY

EB Essentials: 248 Lark Street, Albany, NY

Eba Dance Theatre: 351 Husdon Avenue, Albany, NY

Elissa Hallorran Designs: 229 Lark Street, Albany, NY

Exscape: 302 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 463-1902

Flamingo's Antiques: 211 Lark Street, Albany, NY

Hodge Podge Books: 272 Lark Street, Albany, NY

Kinnaree: 193 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 813-4944

Kings from Queens Beauty Salon: 420 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY

Lark Street Flower Market: 262 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 465-8221

Lark Tattoo: 278 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 432-1905

Lark Vegas Piercing: 237 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 434-4907

Little Moon: 467 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY (518) 434-6018

Noho Pizza: 195 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 433-1111

Perfect Cut Hair Salon: 299 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 434-3277

Rain: 259 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 729-4827

Sun of a Beach Tanning: 454 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY

Svengali Studios: 225 Lark Street, Albany, NY

Top Nails: 194 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 427-9888

The National Upholstering: 231 Lark Street, Albany, NY (518) 434-1458

Upstate Artists Guild: 247 Lark Street, Albany, NY

Waldorf Tuxedo Company: 204 Lancaster Street, Albany, NY (518) 449-5011